My Day at Shea

Lost in the City

NycitySeriously, we almost got lost in New York. It turned out to be quite fun as we were able to drive around and see the things you only hear about. Like I learned quickly that many people from the City while driving has one finger in the air and the other on the horn. Amazingly, I was never subject to it, but saw many people, some rightfully so, get it. There was actually a sign that read "don’t honk, $350Dont_honk fine". I was in such awe driving around…I’m glad I had a good co-pilot or I’d still be circling the city. Somehow, we got to the Marlins-Mets game and met up with our friends from FishStripes that let me enjoy one of those Bama Bomber Cherry something or other thingies that did wonders for me. Apparently, Robin Quivers from the Howard Stern Show was next to us. I wouldn’t have known if someone didn’t point that out which is strange because at one point in my life I was a big fan of the show. Anyway, the game….

I spent half of my time in the bar because you can’t leave with drinks, and I bought a nasty bottle of champagne in the suite which I wish I didn’t do. Bleh. It was a great game on our side, down 3-1 then to come back and win it 7-3. Getting to be in a private suite was alot of fun. Thats why I need tons-o-money… Season tickets in a skybox. Feel free to donate to my cause.

Thanks to everyone that came with us, it was great meeting you all! Here’s some pics of the suite and the game.


  1. Sharon

    Sounds like you had a quintessential NYC visit. I’m impressed that you drove, though I’m curious whether you’ll be taking transit next time.

    Do let me know you’re coming next time — I’ll meet you and your family at Shea, if you like.

    Anyway, great game. It must have been terrific to be there.

    Also, I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to update my mlblog. Finals are over. Now there’s time for what matters.

    Take care.

  2. Bob

    I will let you know when we go again….no I didn’t see those signs, I’ll look on Google, I’m sure there will be a pic.

    We drove by Yankee Stadium which was a thrill for me as well.

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