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A Plug Blog to All of My Marlin Friends

It really amazes me how far the Florida Marlins have come with their fan base.Marlins_metal When I see a site that really catches my eye, I make sure to post a link to it. The Marlins have a great group of fans including myself that have up to the day news on the team. I get a decent amount of traffic on this blog because I’ve been listed on the MLBLOGS homepage since early June. It makes me feel like writing as much as I can because I know people will be reading.

I’m also a moderator on the forums at the number one Marlins fan site, Larry the owner is actually from New York and runs the site from there. I’ve seen that place grow from about 30 regular users to well over a thousand members. I’ll never forget the night we won the World Series, I made sure I was logged on to share the glory with everyone. It’s definetly worth it to check out the forums. The website is full of valuable info that Larry spent a ton of time on getting together. You can see the progression of his site at

Another new site I have been checking out and am a member at is Matt spends a ton of time researching the minors to update everyone on whats going on in the farm system including player promotions, scores etc. And oh yeah, he’s definetly one to speak his mind…(see the Lowell thread).

A site that I have been looking at lately is The site has some interesting charactors including site owner Mike(mike42) that I’ll be joining this Saturday at Shea watching the Marlins vs. the Muts. I really enjoy the daily pre-game comments.

I couldn’t tell you who runs Fish Chunks, but they have a link for me there so here ya go. I actually am pretty sure I know the person and now I need to find out because it’s going to bug me. Anyway, the site is updated frequently and is another good source for fan info.’s  member CapeFish is a little obsessed with the weather, but he also gives us great updated info on the new Marlins Ballpark.

Don’t Forget Marlins Closer Todd Jones’ Blog at the Palm Beach Post. I enjoy reading the players blogs and I hope to see many more this year.

That’s about it for now, I know there are many more sites out there, but these are the ones I frequent most. I’ll add as many quality sites that are out there as soon as I check them out. Enjoy!

One comment


    Hey thanks for all the cool marlin fan links.

    Wow, what a game last night!

    Juan Pierre is one of my favorite marlins.. if he goes.. I will be very upset.

    This getting Sheffield back would be great… ‘cept he does not want to come back.

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