Fish Get Beat By My Dad
or Franco who is just as old….

Julio_francoOK, so my dad is a little older, but still. Julio Franco Man_walkeris flat out amazing, hitting his sixth home run of the year…a grand slam exactly, ending any chance the Marlins had of coming back in tonights game. I feel so bad for Brian Moehler…the guy pitches a great game and the Marlins don’t provide any runs for him, again. I’m actually excited to see him pitch at Shea on July 2nd…my first live Marlins game this year. Moehler has proven he is ML caliber and I for one am glad Jack decided to keep him in the rotation. Let’s hope we can get back on track and not fall any farther down the standings to a couple of teams that should not be above us.

Meanwhile, the Orioles lost….AGAIN. This time to the disliked(notice the word hated wasn’t used) Yankees. The Red Sox lost as well so the O’s don’t fall down even further.

I didn’t get to see many games on tonight, as I was dropping a few pounds wrestling with the kids and looking for a birthday present for the wife. Not too many games tonight so I didn’t miss much.

I can’t wait to this Saturday when I see the Fish. I’ll write about my day, meeting up with my friends from and post alot of pictures. It’s going to be a great time. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain.


oh, and for those of you that come to my blog frequently wonder why I more often than not talk about the Orioles….I’ve been an O’s fan since I was a kid and always will be. Even though I didn’t think it was possible, the Marlins are there as well. I have a short history with the Marlins and if you read my profile, you’ll know how.

and to the mlblog team….nice new look on the homepage!



    Have you heard any rumors about JP going to the Yankees?

    Arg! JP and Miguel are good friends and a great defensive outfield! I hope they dont split them up!

  2. Bob

    Good Lord I hope not. I’ve heard all sorts of rumors and even someone that wants JP gone. You can’t break up the core IMO and if JP goes you are doing just that. He’ll rebound from this season long slump.

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