Tropical Duel

Burnett Pitches Gem

Q: If a great game was played and no one was there to see it, was it really played?

No need to answer that because I trust’s official boxscore. Only 12,233Trop1 fans came out on a Sunday afternoon to see the interstate rivalry in St. Petersburg. But what a game it was with A.J. Burnett throwing a complete game shutout, giving up two hits, walking two and striking out seven. The Marlins only got three hits as a team but it was just enough to win their fourth in a row and give the Devil Rays their 50th loss on the season. I’ll take a win like that any day. Hitting stats are nice, but a win is a win.

In the Baltimore Orioles case, they haven’t seen one of those in a while. Up until now, the O’s were lucky because Boston never got hot even when Baltimore lost a few in a row. Their luck ran out as Atlanta clobbered them again and Boston beat up on Philly. Now 2 1/2  games back, the O’s need to get it together or they can forget about the Cinderella season before the All-Star Break.

I can’t wait until July 2, as I will be going to Shea to see the Marlins. At least we’ll be in our own box so I don’t have to hear the Mets fans or get beer dumped on my head.

One comment


    My seats were on the left side of the marlins dugout first row.

    I told J.P. his socks for falling down and he grinned.

    Cox was so bored that in the bottom of the eigth he clapped when conine bounced out. I yelled at him for clapping when one of his players makes an out, he looked at me like he was clueless and clapped again.

    Not a hitters game but a lot of fun nonetheless…

    now onto atlanta….

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