Rebound Express

Willis Pitches Gem, Miggy Leads Offense

Dtrain2What a performance by Dontrelle Willis tonight to get the Marlins out of their slump throwing a complete game shutout, striking out seven and lowring his ERA to 1.76. If he doesn’t start the all star game, Tony LaRussa needs to get bipped upside his head. I think I predicted DTrain to only win 14 games this year…oops. Thats one I’m happy I was wrong about.

Meanwhile, Miguel Cabrera practically was the offense tonight going four for five, six RBI’s, three Runs and two homers, upping his batting average to .341 and further securing his spot on the All Star Team as well. We’re still well below where we need to be, but when a day like this comes around it still gives you hope.



    I was at the game in tampa, best seats in the house!!! What a terrible duoble play call by the Ump!! Anyhow, JP’s triple was amazing!!! He is a great player… I hope he gets his batting average up!!!

    I am going to the game tomorrow here in tampa… great seats again!!!

    Go marlins!!!

  2. Bob

    I lived in Tampa for about a year and made it to a few games…even tried to get a job as a chef there. I’ve had the best seats along the first base side, where we acually had like office chairs….totally comfortable. I also saw a few games in left field, which was really nice. The tickets are cheap and even though its not the best stadium, it’s really fun to watch a game there.

    Thanks for posting and come back often!

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