Marlins Give Away Another Game

In what appears to be a trend with the Fish….chalk up another loss in extra innings. The Marlins are dangerously close to falling to .500 this season. Just when it seems they are getting their act together and I open my big mouth about it, they decide to start stinking up the joint. Todd Jones has looked great this year but gave up the winning shot to Vlad. Dontrelle gave up way too many hits, but still looked sharp. He failed to win his 12th on the year because the Marlins just can’t get their hitting to come to the park on a daily basis.

I feel a big move is needed. We need to get another bat in this lineup and it needs to happen soon. We have the players and they all have their big games but its all happening when another teammate stops hitting. They need to be hot the same GAME. This is getting frustrating. Luckily I have this blog and Marlinsbaseball.com to vent. My wife has no clue. She kind of stares at me when I try to explain my feelings about this. Then she asks when I’m getting off the computer. bleh.

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