…and it’s gone

Cubs Throw Batting Practice To Marlins

Ah, Summer. The smell of fresh cut grass, the warm air, day games at Wrigley and the Marlins beating the heck out of the Cubs. What a game! Delgado, Cabs,Burnett_1 Enc and the recently turned power hitter Luis Castillo all had home runs. Twenty hits and fifteen runs were produced by the visiting Marlins. Other than a throwaway seventh inning, the Cubs didn’t do much against starter A.J. Burnett. Even Mr. Mota had a good inning. I really feel this team is starting to get it together. I’d like to go into the All-Star Break with alot of momentum as the Fish will need it to keep up with the odd NL East.

In other news, the Yankees are getting a new stadium. Other than the 100,000,000 Yankee fans, who cares? Maybe we can get Steinbrenner to throw $60 mil our way to get a new stadium for the Marlins.

At least I can watch the Orioles on MLB.tv tonight, only switching to catch a few other notable games.

My twins had a little pre-k graduation today…..it was fun to see them get their "diplomas" and do a few song and dance numbers. Only 13 more years until their High School graduation….

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