Texas Beat Down

Mota Horrible….Again

I was out all day and when I got home to see the scores it wasn’t a good thing. Then I look at the box score to see our buddy and closer for a week Guillermo Mota give up two more runs in one inning of work. Good job big guy. Not that it Chesterwould have made a difference if he was perfect, but the guy needs to get out of town. The Marlins are obviously not the team for him. Maybe we can send him back to LA with Al Leiter for a bag of Cheetos. Mota’s ERA has climbed into the sevens with no stopping in sight for this ascent. I expect it to be over 10 by the end of June. I know the guy wants to do well, and he is no slacker….but this just isn’t his year.

Speaking of slackers, has everyone but me noticed that Ken Griffey Jr. is havingGriffey_swing one heck of a decent year? He’s batting a respectable .281, 11 HR and 43 RBI’s. Lets hope he doesn’t pull something so he can get back on track to his hall of fame type of career. If he can improve to these numbers for just a few more years, I don’t think anyone can not vote him in. I mean the guy’s only 35, he has a few more left in him.

On that note, the Orioles just lost to Griffey’s Reds….again. The Birds are in a big slump but luckily so are the Yanks and the BoSox. Over the last two games, the Orioles lost by a combined score of 20-7. Not good.

And Marlins and Cubs fans…..Mr. Choi cranked three bombs out today for L.A. He’ll come around to do that consistantly, bank on it.

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