I’m Back

Always Remember to Check Your Credit Card Experation Date

So yeah, I tried for a week to see why I couldn’t access my blog, it was because I had the wrong date on my card. I was panicking because I didn’t want to get taken off the front page. So tonight I’m going to get my May Best of the Best out.

The Marlins have just flat out dissapointed me this season. We still have a while to go and the NL East is as tight as can be, but there needs to be some sort of a shakeup in that lineup. No, Jack does not need to go. He may have had some questionable calls, but he is perfect for this team and I wouldn’t want anyone else as manager at this point.

The Orioles continue their hot streak and after getting beat up by Detroit, seem to be getting their act together. The good news is they are still in first….but Boston and the Yanks aren’t going away. This division, like the NL East will be enteraining for us all the whole season.

Check back later for more.

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