Evil Empire

Not the one your thinking!

I’m talking about Revenge of the Sith. What a great movie in my opinion. Always remember greatness in in the eye of the beholder….so really the movie could be horrible, just not on my end.

So its funny how everyone calls the Yankees the "Evil Empire" and you have the Darth Vader music playing when they’re in town. So let’s elaborate.

Orioles_old_logoSo, being an Oriole fan I know the sad truth of how the New York Yankees became this "Evil Empire". A long time ago, in a city not so far far away from New York, the city of Baltimore once had a professional baseball team. Things were good for a while but as economics would have it, this Baltimore city could no longer sustain a team. The powerful city of New York swooped in and took over the franchise, vowing to take over professional baseball, and then, the world.

Babe_ruthAfter changing the name from Highlander to the Yankees, the team learned of a powerful one born in the city from which they came. This person could possibly change the balance of power and finally give the city of New York the chosen one they were looking for. This man, know as Babe Ruth was lured into the dark side by stealing him away from Red Sox of Boston. Soon, to these same Red Sox, Ruth became known to put a curse on the team. After the Yankees transformed the Babe into the evil Darth Bambino, the curse had continued for Vader_1many lifetimes.The dynasty had begun and for many many years, the Empire grew stronger and became the powerful team they had strived for. The only thing left for the taking, was the world.

SteinbrennerFast forward. It is still a dark time for baseball. The Empire was now controlled by Emperor Steinbrenner. He is the most powerful Emperor this city has ever seen. After a few years of being mediocre, the Emperor called upon his allies in Corperatia, which sent millions of dollars to fund the Empire. The cycle was complete.

Something happened in the year 2004, however. After many battles lost by the Yanks, including the defeat by the hands of the Diamondbacks of Arizona andBos8080_2 Marlins of Florida, the team began to weaken. The small rebel forces in Boston took advantage of this, and after many years of oppression, finally defeated the Evil Empire.

BanneroriolesAnd this year, the new cycle continues as the reborn Orioles of Baltimore have found a new savior in the young Brian Roberts. At this time, these Orioles are on top of their old rulers, watching carefully as the two powers belt it out below them. The New Republic of baseball has been born.

Alright, I’m a geek and proud of it. Have a nice day.


  1. Sharon

    You’ve got a great team — enjoy it! (Your manager did his internship with the Yankees. Doesn’t that liberate you from the noose of Yankee Hating?!)

  2. Bob

    I’ve said it before, there is no one on the Yankees I hate. It’s that team, the storied franchise…I believe I have what is called, jelousy. Thanks for the post!

  3. Sharon

    Growing up in Los Angeles in the late 70’s was like that for me. I didn’t understand what it was, but there was something about the Yankees that seemed inpenetrable, fated, and it wasn’t that they kept buying Dodgers out from under me. Now that I’ve lived in New York forever, it makes a lot more sense.

    But, you know, I couldn’t bring myself to follow baseball for 15 years after the Dodgers finally took the Championship the month after I had to move to the midwest. Except for an occasional trip to Wrigley, my heart had frozen.

    And it was the Yankees that finally brought me back to baseball. The 1996 team was so alive, and I couldn’t escape them. On a portable black-and-white TV at a cafe where I studied, the games hooked me. The first time I went to the Stadium, I knew I was home. The rest was, baseball.

    That said, the recent and inexplicably unsuccessful seasons haven’t provoked jealousy in me, so far, at least! (a lot of other feelings, but not that one!) Looking out over the colonnade contextualizes things, I guess, but it sure sounds awful to hear myself say that!

    Meanwhile, I’ll watch ANY team, and I really like Camden Yards. How does it compare to your former stadium?

    For awhile there, it seemed that the O’s and Yanks had a “same time next year” date on July 4. Do you know what happened to that?

    Enough rambling! I’m glad there are no specific Yankees you hate; I’m not always as charitable myself.

    Thanks for stopping by my young blog! I’m having trouble adding to it this weekend — I keep getting messages about mlb.com upgrading their site.



    PS Have you noticed whether the Nationals’ proximity has drained your fan base? Just curious.

  4. Bob

    haven’t checked on the fan base and attendance. It’s hard following two teams so in depth the way I do, O’s & Marlins. That is a good question though. Especially with the Nats doing so well.

    By the way, if you type http://outofthebullpen.mlblogs.com instead of outofthebullpen.mlblogs.com you actually get a link so people can click to your blog. It’s alot easier to promote it so people don’t have to copy and paste it into their browser.

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