You know, I just finished my entry today and was about to publish it when my fingers took control of my brain and decided to delete everything I wrote. I….am not happy. So, I am going to summarize what I wrote because it took 20 minutes before and was a **** good piece. Can I write it again, probably. Do I want to? Uh, no….its bedtime. Here we go:

  • Marlins/Mets equal game
  • Moehler brilliant/Pedro a little better
  • Looper shuts down former team in the 9th
  • Uggie and Pudge in Detroit, Marlin fans remember
  • Tigers look really improved this year/beat my Orioles
  • For some reason I don’t remember Farnsworth going to Detroit
  • Rafael Palmerio having a big week offensively
  • Yanks beat Bosox, Cano is the man….told you so.

I’m going to see Star Wars tomarrow finally. I’m sending the family to watch Madagascar….I need my alone time with Darth Vader.

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