Delgado Wins It In 10th

That’s what I get for clicking over to the Orioles game. Not that it wasn’t worth it, but appareDelgado_winnerntly I missed the game winning hit in the Marlins game. Brett Myers pitched a great game for Philly, but the pen gave it away when Carlos Delgado won it for the Fish. Josh Beckett looked good out there tonight, giving up three runs over seven innings getting a no decision. This was one of the reasons I was so glad the Marlins got Delgado. He has been clutch his entire career and continues to do so this year.

I can’t believe how bad the Yankees were earlier this year. It was like a totally different season. They won again 12-3 and continued to keep pace with the Orioles in the AL East.

Not too much today, been really busy at work including tomarrow. It’s almost time for my May’s Best of the Best picks. I’ll be researching that over the next week.

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