The Real Thing

Willis Comes Through….Again

D-Train pitched another great game tonight, and the Marlins offense clicked as the Marlins won their fifth straight game. Willis gave up only two runs on seven hits, finishing the evening with a 1.55 ERA. The Marlins kept their lead over Atlanta by 1.5 games as the Braves will probably win tonight. Carlos Delgado continued his hot streak getting three hits, three RBI’s and his seventh home run.

Mike Lowell had one of the best defensive plays I’ve seen…ever. From behind the foul line, he scooped up a screamer and fired over to first to get the out. The poor guy may not be doing it with the bat, but we all know he is the heart and soul of that team.

OK, when I get my paycheck later this week, I’m buying that cd with the ML players performing "songs". Just to have it I suppose.

As I’m writing this I’m watching "24". This has got to be the best show on tv….and it’s about to be over. Possibly for good. This…makes me a very sad person. Hopefully they decide to make this show into a movie or something. Speaking of movies, it’s about time I go see Revenge of the Sith. I was waiting until the big rush was over.

Jack Bauer is dead.


I almost fell over… 24 starting this January. Life, is good.

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