Houston, we have liftoff….

Marlins Take Back East Lead
Went to see the in-laws today….it’s not as bad as some would think. But some days I’m selfish and just want me, myself & baseball. At least I was able to watch the Mets beat up on the Yankees. Benson looked great out there, while Unit kept on giving up a ton of hits. I still have a feeling about this Cano kid, he’s going to be a star real soon.

Bat_boy_1So after I got home from that two hour drive, I see the Rangers put a whoopin’ on the Astros. It seems everyone on the team cranked one out, including the 8 year old bat boy. The final score was 18-3 and the Rangers had eight homers including two by David Dellucci . Not that it would have make a huge difference (see:NY Mets ) but maybe the Astros should have been a bit more agressive in keeping Carlos Beltran. TheyRangers seem to be really ******* out this year. In my opinion, Wade Miller probably would have been good to keep around as well. Texas seems to be getting it together in the very weak AL West, with only the Thrifty Car Rental Qwest Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Orange County California ahead of them by a couple of games. Hey, who else is glad the Rangers only stuck with that red uni for only like a year or so?

And finally tonight…..

The Marlins looked good again tonight, getting three jacks as a team, including Damion Easley who is filling in nicely at second base. Joe Dillon had his first dinger of his young major league career, which I of course missed (see above). But is Mike Lowell ever going to get out of this season long slump? Again he went hitless and really is showing no signs of snapping out of it. When I see him up there at the plate, he looks frustrated even before the first pitch. Let’s hope it ends soon. Of all people, he doesn’t deserve this at all.

Oh yeah, how bout them O’s! Erik Bedard is just amazing…no runs again in seven inning of work, dropping his ERA to 2.08 and striking out 7. The offense is still rocking including wonderboy Brian Roberts, and their pitching is doing just as well if not better than their AL East opponents.

Here’s to another great day in baseball tomarrow.

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