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Garland Remains Unbeaten

Jon Garland pitched another outstanding game against the big Oriole Bats, going eight innings, Jon_garlandgiving up a couple runs and striking out four. Brian Roberts also continued his hot hitting going 3-4, scoring a run but it wasn’t enough for the O’s.

I guess I’m one of those people that aren’t giving the White Sox respect for the season they are having. I just can’t see this team doing this well the whole season. Then again, I feel the Orioles will, and not many people do. Let me see the Sox doing this well in August, then I may give them some props. But with the Twins riding them the whole way, I’ll bet they cave by the end of June.

I am still flying high off that win last night for the Marlins. The next time the Fish come to Philly, I gotta make that 3 hour trip to go see them. Used to be it was only a 45 minute drive to JoeRobbieProPlayerDolphin Stadium. Now it’s a 26 hour drive. I want to go home to the sandy beaches, the warm sun, the crazy drivers, the overwhemling humidity and the weekly hurricanes. On second thought, maybe 6 feet of snow isn’t that bad.

Until tomarrow…..have a good day.

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