D-Train Plows Through Houston

Todd Jones attemps to give me cardiac arrest

My man Dontrelle Willis has just been unstoppable. Going another eight innings and giving up onlyEasley_2 one run on six hits, stiking out five, lowering his ERA to 1.08 and improving his undefeated record to 7-0. Damion Easley  jacked a 2 run homer to give the Fish the lead for good. I admit I was a little nervous in the ninth, but I had total faith in Jones….now that it’s over. The Marlins again were weak with their batting, only getting five hits on the night. Oswalt looked great tonight and you can expect alot of good things from him this season.

Since I stayed home from work yesterday, I had alot to do to catch up. So I missed alot of games that were played today. I’m hoping to do another night around MLB.tv piece.

My wife and I are going to be doing a business venture together which means I’ll be online quite alot. Which is good because that means more baseball!

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